Engage superfans.

“It’s never been about apps for us, it’s about delivering those interactive experiences for fans.”


Sam Rogoway, President and CEO
Michael Todd, CTO
Bing Chen, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Carly Chiao, Visual Designer

Charlie Brewer, UX Design
Sean Locke, UI Design

Victorious helps creators, from YouTube stars to 20th Century Fox, create mobile apps specifically designed to engage their superfans.

More than simply creating apps Victorious is learning how to power communities of superfans who seek to express themselves and interact with each other. By pursuing this strategy Victorious seeks to create convergence for each community, rather than being fragmented in disparate locations around the internet on Vine, in Tumblr posts, Reddit threads, and Twitter hashtags.

Working with the internal team at Victorious our engagement was manifold. We were tasked with four key initiatives: 1) develop user experience flows and user interface designs to facilitate the creation and customization of these mobile apps through a Content Management System, (2) develop designs for an Analytics admin backend for the team behind each artist, (3) design an Asset Library that allows for content to be pulled from various remote services, and (4) codify all of it in a Style Guide.


Content Management System

iPhone/Android creator apps from Victorious

Nearly two years after the Santa Monica-based company has produced more than 100 apps, with 15 of them breaking into the top 50 in their respective categories.


Analytics (Admin View)


Asset Library


Front-end Style Guide


Recent Work