Technology that elevates the experience of architecture.

A mobile app that allows you to listen to a building.

Taman Anggrek Mall in Jakarta

“It’s never been about apps for us, it’s about delivering those interactive experiences for fans.”


Adrian Velicescu, CEO
David Agnew, President
Beth Elliott, Creative Director
Alberto Garcia, Project Director
Michael J. Coursey, Media Designer
Tyler Munson, Senior Designer

Hooman Anvar, UX Design
Sean Locke, UI Design
Erlend Wilhelmsen, Product Strategy
Clayton Kjos, Backend Developer
Brian King, Project Manager
Felix Montanez, Front-end Developer

Product Design Brief
What is the design problem?
To date, StandardVision’s advertising capabilities have been limited to visual ads. The central design problem in this project is to extend beyond the visual and deliver synchronized audio for a richer experience.

What is the opportunity?
By extending StandardVision’s media capabilities to audio, we allow for a richer audience engagement and the creation of unique and desirable advertising opportunities for StandardVision’s clients and partners. In addition this application will serve as a distinctive sales tool targeted at new advertisers seeking presence on SVs many platforms around the world. But beyond advertising, the highest opportunity is to bring to life unmatched and immersive architectural experiences that communicates the breadth of StandardVision’s design & technology. Not simply limited to the advertising this will serve to set StandardVision apart. With this mobile technology we thereby support Standard Vision’s peerless design and technology with a similarly innovation companion. To our knowledge, no other mobile application does anything remotely like this. The application (for IOS & Android platforms) will sync the sound + vision with StandardVision’s architectural lighting projects worldwide.



iOS Application

Our vision
StandardVision Beacon. Beacon will function as a wayfinding tool to signal a user’s proximity and orientation, and help navigate guide to the site’s physical location. Additionally the application will function as a handheld companion and extension of each project providing synchronized audio + video to deepen and extend the experience.

Who is it really for? And why should they care?
For this first version, our primary audience is advertisers. We need to demonstrate that we can deliver synchronized audio for their visual advertisements.

Our secondary audiences include the general public, architectural fans, new media fans, new media artists, and StandardVision’s staff.

Where and how will it be used? When?
Drawing audio & video data from the web, Beacon can be used anywhere, but is targeted to navigate people to proximity of an StandardVision site.

The app launch is set for June 2014, to coordinate with the public opening of the new Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Who will become engaged with it directly and indirectly?
Advertisers, the interested public, StandardVision staff.

How will it be remembered and retold?
This app will be lauded for it’s groundbreaking connection to the built landscape. To our knowledge, no other application provides this type of connection

What needs to be done? By whom? By when?
Design, build, and launch the application for iOS, and Android markets. for June 2014.

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