Silence is golden.


What if the world could come together in a moment of silence?

Steve Haase and Bart Sidles from Shyft approached our team at Elemental to define and design a mobile application that could record and share a personal moment of silence. Steve’s impetus for this project was his deep dissatisfaction with the amount of negativity found on the twin towers of social media: Facebook, and Twitter. Steve’s personal journey into meditation led him to believe that there must be a more constructive and less divisive way of responding to the events of our world. He coupled that hope with a belief that technology could help bring us together.

Steve Haase, Founder and CEO
Bart Sidles, CFO
Francis DellaVecchia, Non-Profit Expert
Rick Watson, Marketing
Alex Niemi, Engineering

Sean Locke, Product Design

Design Brief


While our culture in the West has improved the world on many fronts it has devalued the importance and power of practicing some form of silence on a regular basis.

This, coupled with the fact that we are all addicted to the Internet and fatigued by both social networks and the barrage of negative news which flows relentlessly across our digital devices, has created greater inner feelings and outward reactions of jealousy, anger, fear and loneliness.


Shyft’s Social Silence Network uses technology to enable a radically different response to our world. Our ground-breaking mobile app captures and shares personal moments of reflection and expression in silence in response to current events.

Shyft empowers individuals to share their feelings with others by silently communicating support, mourning, spirituality, defiance, approval, protest, politics, humor, and sensuality, to help build a more conscious and compassionate world.


1. Inspire & empower our audience’s beliefs through technology
2. Raise consciousness
3. Challenge the status quo
4. Strengthen hope in our collective future


Our core audience (our “leaders”) believe that one person can make a difference, and that technology can be used to change the world. Our secondary audience (our “followers”) suspects that they can make a difference but will only participate after the example of others.

Success Metrics

Minutes of silence recorded
Number of app downloads
Growth of app downloads
Time spent on app/user

Brand Strategy

Shyft is the first ever moment of silence app.

Brand Personality


Additional Goals

To measure & reflect the level of social consciousness and actions of individual members of the Shyft community.

User Interface Design

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