Food Karma
Enlightened food choices.


Can technology help us make ethical and nutritious choices when we shop for food?

Elemental collaborated with Andreas Sautter from THNK Amsterdam to bring Food Karma, an innovative food shopping companion, to life.

From Forbes:
Andreas Sautter was part of the three-person challenge team who came up with the Food Karma concept to address the growing needs of increasingly health-conscious consumers. From gluten-free products to organic produce, their hardware/software solution builds on insights that consumers want ways to align individual preferences and values with purchasing options. Innovation Partners Cisco and Tesco will be developing a pilot with Sautter, while he retains his full-time position transforming digital media and ad operations at YP.

Says Sautter of the challenge process and his time at THNK, “My experience has been tremendous. It’s a real network with tangible insights and outcomes that exceed what I had hoped for. I’m most surprised by the personal gains that I have been able to make, including better public speaking, stress reduction, and storytelling.”


Andreas Sautter
Gautam Shah
Easkey Britton
+ the Team at THNK

Sean Locke, Product Design

Wireframe Sketches

Andreas Sautter making decisions at Whole Foods

“Food Karma’s concept was well advanced and ready for a proof of concept that would allow the project to get further feedback from users. We worked collaboratively with Elemental to bring the concept to life. Taking existing, rough sketches, we were able to quickly translate these into user scenarios with compelling functionality.”


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