Athleet gives young competitors a compelling way to record, share, and celebrate their athletic achievements.


Founded by two former soccer football players, Erlend Wilhelmsen and Alex Norman, and fueled by their involvement in their kid’s athletic life, Athleet was designed to capture the sports history of young people as they move toward college athletics. The objective was to develop a system of socially sharable playing cards that would double as the vessel to contain the latest achievements and records of these talented young athletes.


The key challenge was to design a seamless way of tracking a child’s sports activities to not only highlight skill advancement, but also to foster a fun and addictive environment of competition and social sharing.

Comparative Analysis

First influence was the world of sports cards, their history and the information that’s collected on those cards. Also taking a look at their collectibility, trade ability, and examining the types of photography that was prevalent depending on position of play in the soccer arena. We suggested doing a template for the type of photography so that the poses were guided.

Cigarette Footballer Cards 1955 (Great Britain)

Proposed Solution

The envisioned platform contains the following features: the ability to build a living sports card that follows an athlete through their multi-sport careers; the opportunity to compare statistics with other athletes and teams; the facility to conduct pre-game research on upcoming opponents; and the power to leverage a young athlete’s existing fan base of family, friends, and teammates for support.


Fabric Interactive
Erlend Wilhelmsen, Co-Founder
Alex Norman, Co-Founder
Sean Locke, Product Design
Brian King, Technical Project Management
Felix Montañez, Director of Technology
Narcis Bodea, Mobile Engineering
Flavio Silva, Mobile Engineering

Sean Locke, Product Design

Wireframe Sketches

Player Card Front Layout
Two-Dimensional Navigation Concept
Early Navigation Exploration
Refined UI for Player Card Back

Select Prototype Screens

Player Card Fronts & Backs

Investor Deck

Early Tablet Prototype Screens

This project had several starts and stops. Here are designs from an early concept branded Fieldbook that was focused on a tablet solution for professional sports coaches with the San José Earthquakes. Project was a collaboration with Fabric & Henosis.

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